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Home Inspections Post Hurricane Laura

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Southwest Louisiana endured one of the worst hurricanes in history in 2020. Every home across all of Cameron and Calcasieu parishes were affected in some way. Some worse than others, as in total rooftops removed or trees severing homes in two.

If you're from SWLA, then you already know the turmoil experienced with insurance companies and contractors. It was a never-ending fight from every angle.

  • 160 mph winds did more damage to many homes which was not apparent.

  • Contractors swarmed Southwest Louisiana, trustworthy & not so

  • Building Supplies were depleted, not available for months

  • Insurance adjusters lowballed claims, not including roofs, AC units etc.

  • Contractors demanded access to insurance and not finish job

Damages not readily visible. Advanced Home Inspections has witnessed homes which roof jack studs were cracked in half and not supporting the roof. Winds were so strong, the eaves were lifted off top-plates and sat back down, yet unsecured. Damages to top plates and rafters were not visible until accessing the attic. The integrity of windows and doors were compromised due to walls shifting. In many cases the damage is not visible with vinyl siding or trim hiding it. Still these issues invite excessive moisture and pest intrusion into the home. Often problems are not noticed until a year later as the damage occurs slowly.

Contractors. This is a subject all in itself regarding the hurricane aftermath. Some people were fortunate enough for their insurance company to pay the contractor for a job well done in returning the home back to its original condition or even better. For the most part, many contractors were claiming to be professionals yet were not licensed. Some even had fake license. They would demand payment upfront and be gone without a trace the next day. Many were posting on social media that it was illegal to save money on insurance and that the proper protocol was to give them direct access to and control of your insurance claim. This way they could submit the max amount to insurance company and get paid more. The message here is that many homeowners learned painful lessons trusting self-proclaimed professional at a vulnerable time. The Calcasieu Sheriff's Office and District attorney have taken steps to fight contractor fraud and theft. They can help determine if the matter is civil or criminal. Please visit Contractor Fraud - Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (

If you are concerned with the condition of your home, we highly recommend having a full or partial home inspection post Hurricane Laura 2020 to determine its condition.

Roof sheathing and shingles roofing system completely removed by high winds. Advanced Home Inspections will inspect the attic for additional damages and to ensure proper repair installations were made by contractors.
Home Sheathing and Roofing Blown Off

Insurance Companies. Adjusters often would disregard compromised home systems unless they were totally destroyed. Still, they would argue that the system had reached an age where it was not covered by the policy any longer. It was nearly necessary to hire an independent adjuster, get a contractor estimate, and let a law firm handle claims to get properly paid a fair price to bring the home back to original condition.

Trees fallen on homes damaging structures. Damage often occurs on distant parts of the home due to the stress of impact of tree crush rafters, joist, truss and support beams. AHI performs thorough inspections to discover other possible damages remote of visible damage.
Tree Damage to Home

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